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Invitation to the 3rd International Forum for Young and Middle-Aged Scholars, Guangzhou University

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Organizer: Guangzhou University

Time: December 15-18, 2017

1.About Guangzhou University and the forum

Guangzhou University is a comprehensive university named after one of the five central cities of China. Guangzhou University boasts a history of ninety years, and provides a comprehensive variety of disciplines. It now has two campuses: the University Town campus and the Guihuagang campus in downtown Guangzhou. It has a total of 33,833 students and an integrated training system covering bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. Currently the university has 2,714 faculty members among whom there are 1,148 associate professors and professors, including two Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, two Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, six Dually-Employed Academicians, four Yangtze River Scholars, ten National Outstanding Youths and seven representatives from “A Thousand National Experts”. These faculty members have joined a series of 973 programs, 863 programs, key projects for human and social sciences, projects of the national natural science foundation and projects of the national social science foundation.

The Guangdong Provincial Government and the Guangzhou Municipal Government have proposed a new strategic direction for Guangzhou University. They aim to integrate the development of Guangzhou University into the progress of Guangzhou City and develop Guangzhou University to a highly-recognized international university with strength in academic disciplines, and characteristics of local culture.

The university is recruiting elite teachers and researchers from throughout the world and is developing a batch of key research platforms and first-level disciplines. It is hoped that by 2020, Guangzhou University will have recruited 1,500 talented people including leading talents, academic leaders, leaders of academic disciplines, level A outstanding youth, level B outstanding youth, outstanding young doctoral candidates, full-time researchers and postdoctoral fellows. The university will provide competitive salaries, housing subsidies, and research allowances for the successful candidates, andwill also provide assistance in building research platforms and teams. It will also provide support in their children’s school enrollment.

Utilizing the synergies created by the development of a high level university, the 3rdInternational Forum for Young and Middle-Aged scholars will assemble scholars from China and other countries to work in the designated professional areas. It will provide a platform for all participants to discuss and follow relevant issues of their relevant fields. It will aim to strengthen academic ties and collaborations between those at the forum while identifying talented people and absorbing their expertise in these areas. A variety of activities, keynote speeches, seminars, and interviews will be organized during the forum.


All interested and qualified scholars with a doctor’s degree froma recognized by Chinese or overseas university are welcome to apply. Candidates will preferably be under the age of fifty. All young and middle-aged scholars with strong academic potential (including 2018 caliber PhD graduates) are welcome. Outstanding graduates with doctoral or post-doctoral degrees from the world’s top 200 universities and applicants ho have obtained projects of National Young Talents or aving done research overseas for more than two years will be given priority.

Scholars from the following academic disciplines and key research areas are welcome to apply: Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry, Astronomy, Geography, Atmospheric Sciences, Geology, Biology, Systems Science, Ecology, Statistics, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology,Architecture, Civil Engineering, Surveying Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, FoodS cience and Engineering, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Software Engineering, Bioengineering, Safety Science and Engineering,Philosophy, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Law, Politics, Sociology, Marxist Theory, Pedagogy, Psychology,Physical Education, ChineseLanguage and Literature, Foreign Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication Studies, Chinese History,World History,Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Management, Art Theory, Music and Dance, Drama and Film studies, Fine Arts and Design Science.

Priorities are currently given to the following areas in Guangzhou University:

• Intelligent Manufacturing and Engineering

• Mobile Data Science and Engineering

• Life Sciences and Human Health (Precision Gene Editing and Engineering)

• Urban Underground Space Development and Engineering

• South China Geographical Environment and Urban Sustainable Development

• Lingnan Culture and Arts

• Modern Finance and Industry Research


Step1. Registration

All scholars who meet the requirements should follow the WeChat official account of the Human Resources Office or scan the QR code of Human Resources Office of Guangzhou University as follows and submit their applications online (Registration system will be open from 10:00 a.m., 30th October, 2017):

Office of the Human Resources Work, Guangzhou University

Registration deadline: 20 November, 2017

Step 2. Letter of Invitation

Electronic invitation letters will be issued to all registered scholars by 25 November, 2017.

Step 3. Confirmation of Attendance

Invited scholarsare required to fill in the form to confirm attendance within 7 days upon receipt of their letter of invitation.

4.Transportation and Accommodation

The forum will provide free accommodation and transportation allowances for all participants. The standard of allowance is as follows: 15,000yuanper person for scholars from European countries, the United States and Canada, 10,000yuanper person for scholars from Asian countries other than China, 5000yuanper person for scholars from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


Web page:

Email: See the attachment

Address: 230 WaihuanWest Road, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, 510006,

Guangdong Province,P. R. China


Ms. Xu / Mr. Li: +86-20-39341749

Mr. Tan / Ms. Wang: +86-20-39366462

Fax: +86-20-39366216

Attachment: Contactdetails



Phone Number


School of Geographical Science

School of Geographical Science

Ms. Tan


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Mr. Wang


School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Mr. Liang


School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Ms. Li


School of ComputerSciencesand Education Software (including Research Institute ofIntelligent Software)

Ms. Liang


School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Ms. Huang


School of Life Sciences (includingPrecision Gene Editing and Engineering Center and Research Center for MolecularGenetics and Evolution)

Mr. Li


School of Mathematics and Information Science

Mr. Peng


School of Civil Engineering (includingGuangzhou University - Tamkang University Joint Research Center for Engineering Structure Disaster and Control andResearch Institute of Building Energy Conservation)

Mr. Pan


School of Physics and Electronic Engineering

Ms. Wen


School of Physics Education

Mr. Qin


Earthquake Engineering Research and Test Center

Mr. Long


Guangzhou Development Research Institute

Mr. Zhou


Research Institute of CyberspaceAdvanced Technology

Ms. Yin


Research Institute ofIntelligent Manufacturing and Engineering

Ms. Chen


School of Business Administration (includingSchool of Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Ms. Ding


School of Economics and Statistics (includingGuangzhou International Institute of Finance)

Mr. Peng


School of Public Administration

Ms. Li


School of Education

Ms. Mo


School of Law (includingPublic Law Research Center and Human Rights Research Institute)

Ms. Xia


School of Tourism (Sino-French College of Tourism)

Ms. Hu


School of Fine Arts and Design

Mr. Xu


School of Humanities

Mr. Zhang


School of Foreign Studies

Mr. Liao


School of Journalism and Communication

Ms. Wu


School of Music and Dance

Ms. Ruan


School of Marxism

(School of Politics and

Civic Education)

Mr. Zhang


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